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    Master your water consumption.

    Reduce your bill.

    Prevent water damage.

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    Link the sensor to your water meter and receive your water consumption in real-time. Receive alerts directly to your phone.

  • Easy to install : no plugs or internet connection required.

    Battery powered up to 7 years. Low energy iOT connection.

    Protect your property

    Avoid potential water damage

    A burst pipe can happen anytime and is generally detectable when it's too late.

    No more surprises on your bill

    Get daily feedback on your water costs

    Set goals and make savings.

    Control and Analyse


    Get a detailed analysis​

    Map out your hourly consumption.

    Detect costly leaks


    Is it worth repairing?

    Receive advice to act and save money.

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    Receive leak alerts independantly from your internet connection directly to your phone.

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